Do Park homes keep their value?

Park homes tend to follow the tends of the general housing market, as long as the home is well maintained and well looked after the home will keep its value.

Do I have to upgrade my home after so many years?

No. Under government legislation home owners who live on residential park home estates are afforded security of tenure for an unlimited period. Upgrading your home after so many years only relates to holiday parks and not residential parks.

Can I get help with finance to purchase a Park Home?

Mortgages are not available on Park Homes. We can offer part exchange schemes.

What is the Written Statement and how does it affect me?

The Written Statement under the mobile homes act includes a provision of security of tenure for the home owner and sets out the park owners’ obligations to the home owner and the home owners’ obligations to the park owner.

Is there a commission to pay if I want to sell my park home?

Yes. The maximum charge is 10% for the full sale price. The government brought the commission payment scheme as a way of ensuing the pitch fees payable were kept to affordable levels.

What is the monthly Pitch Fee for?

The pitch fee is paid calendar monthly to the site owner. It takes in to account the ground rent for keeping your home on a particular pitch and covers basic running costs and maintenance.

How are the pitch fee charges reviewed?

The review date is the 7th February each year. In general the pitch fees are reviewed annually and increase or decrease in line with the retail price index.

Are there any other charges I need to know about?

Water and electricity are invoiced directly from the park. The water charge excludes the sewerage rates which are payable to United Utilities. The park is on mains gas, owners are able to choose the supplier of their choice.

Do I have to pay council tax?

Yes, all park homes on residential parks have to pay council tax as this is classified as your main residence. Park homes are classified under Band A, the cheapest band. For more information on this please visit the Fylde Borough Council website.

Can you be any age to live on the park?

Our park is a retirement residential park with a minimum acceptable age of 50 years.

Are Children allowed on the park?

Children are very welcome to come and visit but they are not allowed to permanently live here.

Are pets allowed?

We do allow pets, we ask no more than 1 dog or cat. The dogs must not be of any of the breeds subject to the Dangerous Dog Act 1991. If you are looking to move to the park and have 2 dogs it is down to the owner’s discretion to allow two dogs but will be asked not to be replace the animal when they die.